We source the highest quality sod from Johnson Farms located in Deerfield, NJ. We purchase 2’ x 5’ rolls of blue grass sod during the planting season (Spring-Fall). Orders are placed on a weekly basis, with each order being placed on a Wednesday and delivery received Friday morning. We recommend that our customers call our store by Wednesday morning to reserve the desired amount. Sod is sold on a first come, first serve basis unless previously reserved.

Please note: Our sod orders are typically done on a weekly basis from Spring-Fall. If we experience heavy rains or do not receive enough orders to meet our minimum order quantity, we will order sod the following week. We always take our customer’s phone number in case of these unfortunate circumstances.

Installation Tips

Measure your area prior to placing an order. 1 roll = 10 square feet
Prepare soil prior to sod installation.

Cultivate area by roto-tilling or spading to a depth of 4-6 inches
If necessary, have soil tested to determine pH level and any nutrient deficiencies
Apply a basic lawn fertilizer (10-20-10)

Avoid gaps and overlaps when installing sod rolls
We recommend using sod staples to hold the rolls in place until a root system has been established
Tamp entire installed area to remove any air pockets
Water sod immediately (approximately 1” of water so soil is extremely wet)


Ensure underlying soil is moist for approximately 2 weeks or until a root system has been established (about ¼” of water per day in the absence of rainfall)
Once sod has been established, begin less frequent water applications to promote root growth

Final Notes

DO NOT walk on sod for the first couple of weeks following installation
DO NOT apply any chemicals to sod for the first 3-4 weeks following installation